Penguin costume ideas

A penguin costume may not seem like the first choice for your child, but these lovable little critters have captured the imaginations of many kids in recent years.

And no wonder, with kids enjoying incredible images and stories about these amazing creatures. Movies such as Madagascar and Happy Feet have turned penguins into friendly and adorable creatures in the minds of many children.

Check out this penguin family photo:

king baby penguin
The “toddler” on the right is a king penguin chick – did you know penguins could be brown? Neither did I!

Below is an emperor penguin. He almost looks as though he’s going to suddenly start marching off the page doesn’t he? Notice his head and beak coloring, his black/gray coat, white “shirt and trousers” and black feet. He also has a short tail.

emperor penguin

The baby emperor penguin is one of the puffiest, fluffiest, cuddly looking creatures on the face of this earth. Just look:

emperor baby penguin
Imagine your infant or toddler in a coat like that – wowee!

Penguin costume practicalities 😉

Yep – there are a few things you need to know before you choose a penguin costume!
The basic design of penguin suits is usually very simple – black coat, a white front, and perhaps some yellow on the beak.

There is some variety in the materials these costumes are made of, and because many of these come as one-piece suits it’s important to keep comfortable fabric in mind.

Consider also bathroom access and possible weather conditions – having a child with bladder problems in a one-piece suit on a hot or freezing cold day can be a recipe for disaster!


Check whether the arm parts of your penguin costume have holes for the hands, or if the hands will stay inside the costume – this could make drinking and eating party food quite a problem.

Some penguin suits will include a helmet that covers the entire head. If you go for this option, make sure it has eye holes and breathing holes so that your child can actually wear it comfortably.
If you’re worried about this, opt for a costume with a combination of pants and a top as well as a hood with a beak that leaves the face exposed.

Some penguin suits also have the characteristic bow tie to add a touch of class.

Legs and feet

Another important difference between penguin costumes is that some provide leg holes, so that the child can walk normally, and some are simply a one-piece slipover which keeps the legs together so that your kid has to “wobble.”

While this second costume might seem fun at first, it probably won’t be long before your child gets tired of waddling around the party – especially if there are games to be played!

Also, younger kids who are still unsteady on their feet may find it awkward not having separate pants legs in the costume, so it is probably best to opt for something with separate leg holes.

Also look at what’s at the ends of the legs – are there long flippers, that could make it difficult to walk?

The Penguins of Madagascar

The penguins of Madagascar are a comical team of four fighting birds: Kowalski, Skipper, Private and Rico.

Many children can’t get enough of these zany characters. The best part of this squad is that you can coordinate your efforts with other parents so that your child and his or her friends can each play a different character. All four penguins have slightly different faces and personalities, so you can choose a costume for your child based on whichever character they like best.

The Penguin from Batman

This is an idea for boys who like to play the villain sometimes. The Penguin is one of Batman’s quirky villains, a small man with a body shape and waddle just like a penguin.