Power Rangers costume

A Power Rangers costume is still a popular choice for many kids’ birthday parties.

The Power Rangers are a team of teenagers with special fighting abilities who do battle against the forces of evil.

The standard Power Ranger outfit is a full-body suit. The color will be different depending on which Ranger your child wants to portray.

There are a few variations on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers costumes from the first TV series that we will also touch on here.

The male Power Rangers

The original costumes from the first TV series all had the same design, with different colors.

The Power Rangers were Billy in blue, Zack in black, and Jason in red – who was the original Power Ranger leader.

These costumes involved a full-body suit and helmet of the Power Ranger’s color, with a white diamond on the chest. Each Power Ranger had a dinosaur shaped vehicle, and the shape of their helmet matched the dinosaur.

For adults and children there are muscle costumes available which have extra padding inside the shirt to give the appearance of a strong Power Ranger physique.

This is helpful if your body type doesn’t quite suit the superhero image!

Female Power Rangers costumes

The two original female Power Rangers were Trini in yellow and Kimberly in pink. Kimberly is a favorite for many girls who want to dress up as a Ranger.

Later Power Rangers

In the first Power Rangers movie, a sixth Ranger was introduced – Tommy, the Green Ranger.

Tommy’s uniform was similar to the other five, except that he wore a gold V-shaped chest plate. He later became the White Ranger and took over as the leader of the group.

Each of the other Rangers has been taken over several times now by a new character, amongst which were Adam as Black Ranger, Aisha as Yellow Ranger, Kat as Pink Ranger and Rocky as Red Ranger. This is by no means a complete list – the characters continue to change with each series.

Younger children will be more familiar with the Operation Overdrive versions of the Power Rangers, and these costumes are slightly different. The colors remain the same, but these have a white strip that goes down the chest and along the inside of both pant legs.

On the chest they have a circular emblem with a diagonal line through it, as well as a silver metallic belt and shoulder pads.

Power Ranger accessories

Each of the Power Rangers also has a unique weapon, such as a sword or a blaster. These can be bought separately, although some costumes include them as part of the package.

The Black Ranger in Operation Overdrive has a hammer. The weapon your child has will depend on which power Ranger era you are aiming for, as the accessories have changed over time from the classic series to the modern-day Rangers.