Dress up in an R2-D2 costume

An R2-D2 costume is the perfect choice for a baby or toddler at a Star Wars or sci-fi themed party – or any dress up party for that matter!

R2-D2 is the plucky little robot who appears throughout all six Star Wars movies, assisting Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker in their journeys.

The perfect toddler R2-D2

Because of R2-D2’s shape, he’s only about half as tall as the human characters in Star Wars. He’s shaped like a bullet with wheels.

R2-D2 outfits for toddlers are usually made up of a gown-style outfit with a print design on the front, combined with either a mask or a hat.

Hats are preferable as you don’t have to worry about them obstructing your toddler’s breathing. The gown should have some padding around the shoulders to give a more angular appearance, like a real robot.

In terms of colors, R2-D2 is mainly white with blue panels. He also has a distinctive red light on his head, like an eye, which flashes when he “talks” – this should be included on the mask or hat. While R2-D2 doesn’t wear shoes, of course, a pair of white sneakers also goes well with this outfit.

About R2-D2

R2-D2 is known for being very brave despite his small size. He saves both Luke and Anakin numerous times throughout the six movies in which he appears. Not only is he brave, he’s also cunning – he uses his many tools for all sorts of tricks, from picking locks to projecting urgent holographic messages.

R2-D2 is great friends with the droid C-3PO. They act as a kind of comic duo throughout the Star Wars films, with the gung-ho R2-D2 balancing out C-3PO’s nervous and timid character. R2D2 speaks only in beeps, so as you watch the Star Wars movies you can understand most of what R2-D2 says by the way C-3PO responds to him.

Although in the Star Wars movies many of the scenes including R2-D2 use computer graphics and animatronics, there are also some scenes where R2-D2 was played by a real person. In fact, for Attack of the Clones, there were 15 different versions of R2-D2 – a mixture of costumes, radio controlled vehicles and puppets. The actor Kenny Baker put on an R2-D2 suit and acted many of the scenes from both original trilogy and the more recent prequel trilogy. Baker is 3 feet and 8 inches tall.

R2-D2’s beeping voice was created by a synthesizer.

R2-D2’s greatest moments!

There are many points in the Star Wars series where R2-D2 plays a central role. For instance, he delivers Leia’s distress message at the beginning of the very first Star Wars film.

In Revenge of the Sith he single-handedly beats off a pair of battle droids. He accompanies Luke Skywalker on several important battles and missions, riding in his own seat on Luke’s X-wing.

So he’s a great little character, and your tot might love to dress up in an R2-D2 costume and be as feisty as the original!