Raggedy Ann costume

The Raggedy Ann costume is a classic that has continued from generation to generation.

And did you know that a rag doll costume can be used for both girls and boys as Raggedy Ann is often accompanied by Raggedy Andy! Fraternal twins are so cute dressed as Ann and Andy.

Here are some cute Raggedy Ann style dolls:

raggedy ann ballerina raggedy ann buttons black and white raggedy ann
The Raggedy Ann ballerina is incredibly cute! And I like the fabric button detail on the pink apron of Raggedy Ann in the middle picture. A black and white Raggedy Ann would look great with a variation of clown face paints – whitening the face, drawing a red triangle nose, and I think you could also paint a red circle on each cheek, too.

The classic Raggedy Ann costume

The famous rag doll named Ann generally wears a blue dress with a white apron atop of white, ruffled bloomers and red and white striped socks or leggings, and black shoes.
classic Raggedy Ann costume
Her hair is made of red yarn and her face includes round, black eyes, eyebrows, bottom eyelashes, a triangular nose, and simple smile with a dot of red in the middle.

As you can see in the picture, she can also wear a white bonnet.

Andy also darns the red, yarn hair and he is usually dressed sailor style with a sailor hat. I have seen Andy dolls dressed in red, white and blue plaid shirts and jeans with red and white striped socks and black shoes. Sometimes there are sailor collars and a bow tied from a ribbon around the neckline. Andy’s face includes round, black eyes, eyebrows, bottom eyelashes, a triangular nose, and a smile just like Raggedy Ann’s.

If you only have one child, it makes sense to use the doll of the counterpart as an accessory. For instance, your Raggedy Ann could carry a Raggedy Andy doll or vice versa.

Create your own Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes

You can dress your children as the classic Raggedy Ann and Andy or you can alter the style by creating an original rag doll costume.

They are so easy to create and most kids love wearing these costumes. For instance, you could use yarn wigs of different colors, dress the children more modernly and so forth.

The character of a rag doll really comes from their hair and their makeup. A trick or treat bag can even be made to match the outfit.

This Raggedy Ann costume is made with gingham fabric, with the same material used as hair ribbons.

Gingham style Raggedy Ann
And here’s a possible Halloween Raggedy Ann costume idea, which I think also looks like a scarecrow or harvest type Raggedy Ann:

harvest Raggedy Ann
Nowadays, Gothic rag dolls are often used as costumes by using a black dress and laced bloomers over black and white striped tights and darning a black, yarn wig. Don’t forget the black lipstick if you choose this style!

Who is Raggedy Ann?

This character stems back to the early 1900 and holds quite a history.

Raggedy Ann was created as a doll by Johnny Gruelle back in 1915 after he drew a face on a rag doll for his daughter Marcella.

They chose the name Raggedy Ann based on two different poems, The Raggedy Man and Little Orphant Annie. Gruelle was a writer, so it makes total sense that he used this character in a series of children’s books which was first published in 1918. Along the way, Andy was introduced as Ann’s brother.

What I find fascinating about the Raggedy Ann stories is that this character that Gruelle originally created for his daughter became a symbol of the anti-vaccine movement. At the age of 13, the Gruelles lost their beloved daughter.

Her death was identified by doctors as being related to a heart defect; however, her parents believed that it was associated to a vaccine that she received without their consent. After her death, Gruelle became an opponent of vaccination and the precious rag doll became a symbol against vaccinations as well as a remembrance of Marcella.