Scooby Doo costumes Kids Will Love!

Scooby Doo costumes have long been popular for kids’ dress up parties, particularly when there is a mystery to solve!

Scooby is a lovable character that takes the joy most children associate with animals and combines it with imagination and a love of mystery.

One of the great things about Scooby Doo characters is that their clothes are very simple, so costumes are easy to find or put together. Each of the characters has a unique personality, so it’s easy for both girls and boys to choose who their favourite is.

Scooby Doo costume

Most good Scooby costumes will be designed as a one-piece suit.

Some come with a hood with Scooby’s eyes and ears on top, leaving the face bare. Others may come with a full Scooby mask.

Obviously, a Scooby suit should be brown. Around the neck there should be a blue collar with a diamond-shaped gold tag hanging down, with Scooby’s initials written on it, “SD”.

Some costumes will also come with padded gloves, either sewn onto the costume or separate.

A Shaggy kids costume

The most important part of a Shaggy costume is the hair – after all, that’s how he got his name!

The hair should be a shaggy brown mop. If your son is lucky enough to have this type of hair already, great! He will make the perfect Shaggy.

But if not, you can buy wigs to create that look or simply buy a full costume that includes a wig. Shaggy also has a small goatee-style beard – you can buy stick-on accessories for this.

As far as Shaggy’s clothes go, his outfit consists of a loose, green V-neck t-shirt and baggy brown pants. He also wears dark brown loafers.

Velma’s costume

Velma is the short, bookish girl whose brains often come in handy with solving the mysteries Scooby and the gang come up against.

Velma’s costume is made up of a bob haircut, a heavy orange turtleneck sweater, a red skirt, orange knee-high socks and buckle-up shoes!

Velma also wears thick black-rimmed glasses. As a bookworm, you can have fun adding extra accessories to a Velma costume such as books to carry.

And a magnifying glass is a must for this Scooby Doo costume!

Her hair is a red-brown color and the effect of this is best created by purchasing a costume that includes a Velma wig.


As the beauty of the group, Daphne is very popular with young girls.

Again, Daphne’s appearance is quite simple. Daphne is the glamour girl, with her purple one-piece dress, purple knee-high boots and long orange hair.

Daphne also wears a thin green scarf. This is a great character for an older girl. You can arrange lipstick and eye shadow to complete the look.

Fred’s costume

Fred is in some ways the leader of the gang, and is the “preppie” guy in the group. He has bright blond hair, a plain white collared shirt with short sleeves, and blue pants or jeans. He also wears a wide orange tie.

If your child has blond hair then a wig won’t be needed, although it can help add to the “cartoon” style appearance. Freddie’s feet should be clothed with a pair of brown shoes or boots.