A sheep costume – baaaa!

Your child will be the center of the show in their adorable sheep costume.
You can even choose a theme and dress the whole family in sheep related costumes. Let your imagination soar!

Sheep are often used in Christmas plays and Bible stories. Honestly, a nativity scene would be incomplete without them and a donkey or two.

A home made sheep costume

A sheep’s fleece could be made by taping pillow stuffing or cotton balls onto a white outfit to make the “wooly” effect.
Double-sided tape works well for this. If you prefer something more durable, white pom poms can be used and glued or pinned onto the outfit (using safety pins, of course).

lamb costume
Ears can be made of felt, black or white with a little bit of pink looks nice. They can be placed on a wooly stocking cap, the hood of a sweatshirt or on a headband for girls that don’t like hats.

Sheep tails are not very obvious, so there is no need to make one unless you really want to.

Black socks and gloves can make the costume look more real. And, of course face paint can be used to complete the look. Some sheep have black faces while others have white faces with a black nose. If your child doesn’t like having their face painted, you can always get a lamb or sheep mask for them to wear.

For 4H or FFA students, adding a prize ribbon would be appropriate or you can even decorate the costume with bows and ribbons.

If you’re not up for the challenge of making an outfit, you can always order a pre-made costume.

Lots more ideas for sheep and lamb themed costumes

What I really like about sheep costumes is that they are so versatile in creating themes. For instance, friends could dress as a sheep and shepherd. A robe, a head piece and a shepherd’s crook cane can be used for the shepherd.
A family could dress with Daddy as a shepherd, Mommy as Little Bo Peep, and all of the children from infants to teens dressed as sheep. A big brother could even be the Big Bad Wolf.

Sheep appear in so many stories and fairy tales.

Remember Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep?
How about Mary who had a little lamb?
You can find ideas for Little Bo Peep and other fun characters on my page about nursery rhyme costumes.

The Gaelic Tale of The Sharp Grey Sheep would make an excellent production in a talent show or storytelling setting.
The Baa Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme and the Old MacDonald Had a Farm song would only be made better by the presence of sheep.
Counting sheep is talked about as a resolution for insomnia, so it would make sense for someone to dress in pajamas, perhaps with dark circles under their eyes, and be accompanied by numbered sheep. Now wouldn’t that be appropriate for a mother who lacks sleep due to children not sleeping through the night and her husband snoring? The snoring hubby costume might take some creativity to come up with!

Throughout my life, I’ve rarely seen sheep costumes, except maybe in a Christmas play. Dressing this way is sure to be original most of the time.