Star Trek costumes for kids

Star Trek costumes are one of the staples of sci-fi conventions the world over.

The Star Trek series has spanned generations, making an impact on sci-fi fans for years with its TV shows and movies alike.

We’re going to take a look at some of the more “classic” Star Trek character costumes here, as well as a few of the newer characters from more recent movies.

The colors and style of uniforms worn will depend on what Star Trek era you are trying to re-create.

Captain Kirk Costume

Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, is one of the most iconic Star Trek figures – he’s bold, clever, imaginative – and a born leader!

Kirk wears the classic type of Star Trek costume – tight-fitting black pants with a tight, long-sleeved gold shirt.

For a truly authentic look, the shirt should have a black V-neck as well as the distinctive emblem of the Starfleet Command, which looks a little like an upside-down V.

Some Captain Kirk costumes come with a yellow shirt – this is meant to be the shirt from the classic TV series. The modern version of the shirt from the 2009 movie is a more deluxe version which is truly gold, with a shine to it.

I’ve even seen a toddler Kirk costume which comes as a trendy jumpsuit – so cute!

Spock Costume

Spock is another favorite classic Star Trek character. Spock’s original costume is quite similar to that of Kirk, with tight black pants and a tight, long-sleeved shirt – only Spock’s shirt should be blue. Again, for authenticity the shirt should include the emblem.

Star Trek movie Spock ears can be bought separately from a costume, and you can enhance Spock’s look by using an eyebrow pencil to get that “arched” expression so typical of Spock!

Captain Picard Costume

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the captain in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also appears in a handful of the Star Trek movies.

He is played by Sir Patrick Stewart who is known for his distinctive bald head. The costumes from The Next Generation, although similar in appearance to the classic Starfleet uniforms, have some slight differences in design.

A Captain Picard Star Trek costume should consist of black pants and a red-and-black shirt. The design of the shirt is important – it should be mostly dark red in the middle, with black across the top of the chest and shoulders and a slightly off-centre black triangle at the bottom.

It should also bear the Starfleet emblem for true authenticity.

You’ll need a bald cap or wig for this look.

Uhura costume

Finally – a Star trek costume for the girls! Although I am sure that there can be some girl Captain Kirks – why not? And I think a female Spock or Spock-ess would be great fun to create!
Beautifully portrayed by actress Nichelle Nichols in the original TV series, Lieutenant Uhura is the communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise.

Uhura wears a very simple costume – short red dress, tights, and long black boots.

Any girl can wear this and feel great! All you need to add, I would say, is a pair of chunky or hoop earrings, and also possibly a kind of communication device that fits around an ear. One of those “Spy Gear” type toys or similar would do the trick.

What about a Klingon costume?

The Klingons were the enemies of mankind in the original Star Trek TV series, although in later series they became allies.

The Klingons are known by their distinctive wrinkled foreheads, so you will need to find a costume with a good quality full-head mask.

Some people who aren’t familiar with Star Trek mistake Spock for a Klingon – Spock is in fact a Vulcan. If you want to create a really classic Klingon look, consider using some body paint or bronzer on your skin as this was how they were portrayed in the original series.