The Superman costume is a real classic!

The Superman costume is one of the most well-known superhero outfits in the world, and it has changed surprisingly little considering how long this character has been around.

That said, there are quite a few variations to be found when you’re shopping for a professionally made Superman outfit.

Superman’s costume

There are very few people who don’t at least have some idea of what Superman looks like.

Every is familiar with his skin-tight blue suit, and of course the large “S” on his chest. There are a few details of the costume that should be right to make the look truly realistic.

Want to take a look at Superman in action? Here’s the latest on Superman from Warner Bros on YouTube:

Here’s what you need to look for:

Superman’s red boots – did you spot them? They’re high boots, bright red, and could be made out of leather or a shiny plastic material.

Superman costumes on sale might include red boot tops, so you can just pop these over your child’s shoes.

The red cape – Superman’s cape billows behind him as he flies off on another adventure. Your child will love wearing this, and he’ll need lots of space to run about so that his cape can flow impressively in his wake!

Superman also wears that famous red underwear over the outside of his tights!

Don’t forget his yellow belt with a large buckle in the middle.

And the Superman S symbol on his chest should be red, with a yellow background, and red border.

There are plenty of Superman costumes for toddlers and smaller children. Most of these tend to be loose-fitting rather than skin-tight.

Adding extra Superman style!

Get your Superman muscles
Superman is known for his amazing strength. As a man of steel, TV and movies show him as being super muscular!

Your child can build up that muscle in an instant, as some costumes have “built in” chest muscles made of foam, padding out the chest part of the jumpsuit!

Superman hairstyle
Superman is also known for his distinctive hair style, particularly the curl on his forehead!

This look can be achieved with hair gel, or you can buy a vinyl wig to create the effect.

Clark Kent

Clark Kent is Superman’s “real” name and his secret identity. If your child wants to, he can dress as superman underneath normal clothes and then suddenly reveal who he is when he arrives at the party!

Clark Kent wears thick glasses and is usually seen in a suit and tie, sometimes also wearing a vest.

The Supergirl costume is for action loving girls!

Although she was not featured in the most recent Superman movie, Supergirl has appeared in the comic series and TV cartoons.

Supergirl wears an outfit very similar to Superman. She has a tight blue shirt with the “S” symbol on the chest with the same color patterns as Superman’s outfit, and a red skirt.

For little girls, there are even Supergirl costumes made in pink – this is not based on any actual costume that Supergirl wears in a comic or movie, but it can be more appealing for younger girls who love the color!

The Superman and Supergirl costumes together make a great idea for a brother-sister dress up combination.