Tinkerbell costume ideas

A Tinkerbell costume? I can already hear the excitement!

Girls love this little legendary fairy. So do boys, but they are not likely to admit it..;)

Honestly, who wouldn’t love a fairy that can make you fly? This character is perfect for fantasy enthusiasts of all ages including infants, toddlers, children, teens, and even adults!

Tinkerbell (also known as Tinker Bell, Tinkerbelle or simply Tink) has been around for a long time. Her fictional character, Tinker Bell, was first presented in 1904 in a play written by J. M. Barrie. In the play, her presence was made known by a darting light and ringing of bells.

Your daughter’s Tinkerbell costume could include the fantastic zigzag dress edging, wings, and a wand – and her slippers could have white puffs on them like in the movie:

tinkerbell costume
Her most memorable appearance was in the Disney movie Peter Pan where she was known as a pixie (rather than a fairy) and she sprinkled pixie dust (the Disney version of fairy dust) on humans to make them fly if they believed that they could.

In the Disney film, she didn’t actually use a wand, but since then she is known for using a wand to sprinkle pixie dust. This character has become an icon of Disney and represents The Magic of Disney.

In current day costumes, sometimes ballet slippers are used with a picture of Tinkerbell darning the toes.

I have also seen some cute, little girl high heel shoes that feature a jeweled cameo with Tink’s picture set in white faux-fur. So cute!

Anyway, the Disney Tink has blonde hair, tied up in a top knot. Her wings look kind of clear and she has large, beautiful blue eyes.

There are actually Tinkerbell wigs that your dark headed girl might want to wear. The color of the eyes is probably something you don’t want to mess with a little girl, but teens or adults might like to wear colored contacts to make the characterization complete.

Eyeliner can be used to bring accent the eyes.

There are Tinkerbell wands available including a pink pixie wand and a scepter that was featured in one of Tink’s movies. Wands are easy to make with a little bit of creativity.

A Tinker Bell gift bag or treat sack is another great addition to this costume.

The latest Tinker Bell movie is called Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue:

If you are raising a Tink enthusiast, you might even consider a Tinkerbell theme party.

The birthday girl could wear a Tinkerbell costume or a Tinkerbell tiara.

Party supplies are widely available for this theme. There are paper goods, centerpieces, treat boxes, party favors, cake pans and cake decorations, and balloons to go along with the theme.

I’ve even seen Tinkerbell stand-ups which make awesome decorations. For entertainment, a Tinkerbell piñata is greatly enjoyed by party guests.