Viking costume fun for kids

A Viking costume is an often overlooked but very appropriate choice for Halloween.

The types of Viking outfits available vary from Viking royalty through to teeth-baring barbarians.

And here we’ll take a look at the essentials of a good Viking outfit and the types of costumes available for boys and girls.

Viking costumes for boys

The Viking outfits available for boys tend to reflect the rough-and-tumble aspects of Vikings.
This is an ideal dress up idea for boys who love to play war games. Many boys will want to appoint themselves as the “Viking leader,” so the costume should reflect that.

Some Viking outfits for boys include full pants and long-sleeved shirt with faux-fur lining around the wrists and lower legs. Most Viking outfits for boys are mainly black or brown.

Some costumes also come complete with a cape – this can be a great look for a Viking king!

Gold badges and a belt buckle can also be great additions to a life-like Viking outfit.

Boys may also want to employ a little face paint to create the appearance of a beard, or use a fake beard attached with an elastic strap.

Not all costumes include shoes, but brown or black boots will do the trick to complete the look.

Girl viking clothing

Viking girl outfits are similar to those for boys in some ways, involving a lot of brown and black colors as well as furry materials.
But for the girls, you’ll find more feminine, silky-looking materials that are smooth to the touch. They often include helmets like the outfits for boys, although they usually have smaller horns than ones made for boys and are sometimes covered in fur as well.

Fur boots are another common part of a female Viking outfit.

Costumes with gold material or badges can pass better for a Viking princess – there are costumes made in this style consisting of silky gowns covered with runes, complete with long gloves and a horned crown.

Of course, to really create a great Viking queen or princess look you’ll need to have the long blond Scandanavian hair plaits. For a girl with long blond hair, this will be easy enough – for others you can find a golden blond wig ready-made in the right style to wear under the costume helmet.

Other styles of girl Viking outfits are similar to those for boys and include the horned helmet as well as a weapon and shield.

Viking helmets

viking helmet
No Viking outfit is really complete without the distinctive helmet.
A good Viking helmet will have two long horns. The horns are often white and protrude out of a helmet painted to look like metal – usually helmets are colored silver or gold.

Viking Weapons

viking weapons
A Viking’s weapon can make the difference between whether he looks like a king or just a barbarian warrior.
For a kingly appearance, choose a costume which includes a long sword, or buy one separately.

Some costumes come with realistic looking swords whereas others will have a small cartoonish weapon. For a more barbarian-like appearance, opt for a battle axe.

The shield is also a great viking costume accessory!