Woodland fairy costumes

Woodland fairy costumes are beyond popular when it comes to dress up time!

woodland fairy costumes
Woodland fairies are mythical characters that usually live in a rain forest, woodlands or a wilderness covered with trees, flowers, rivers, and animals in their natural habitat.

Folklore often features these fairies as protectors of the natural world of which they are enabled by the art of magic.

I have seen children’s films that feature fairies protecting the rain forest from human development that would destroy the natural habitat of the beloved animals. Movies like this seem to increase awareness as the fairy cries over the pain of a tree when its bark is removed or an animal dies because its source of food or shelter has been destroyed.

Overall, woodland fairies have the reputation of being protectors of the natural world.

Who are your favorite woodland fairies?

When I think of Woodland Fairies, the Faerie Glen collectibles distributed by Munro Collectables comes to mind.

These figurines and ornaments are so adorable. The collection features a variety of fairies that are offered as limited editions. My favorite is Goldenglow, a figurine where a fairy is resting on a mushroom. I also like Bunnytale which features a beautiful fairy tending to a rabbit. Persidew is also cool featuring a fairy riding on a turtle.

Creating a woodland fairy costume

woodland fairy costumes
Woodland fairy costumes are so easy to create.
Basically, a fairy has wings – which are a must for every fairy! Such costumes are usually very feminine and can be made from any graceful-looking dress.

And for this kids’ costume, ballerina apparel is definitely appropriate. After all, woodland fairies move so gracefully and quietly through the forest, darting from leaf to leaf!

And because fairies are supposedly magical, a wand would definitely be a suitable accessory.

Which brings us onto…

Woodland fairy accessories

Going with the woodland theme, accessories might include flowers or leaves along with real looking animals to accompany the child.

woodland fairy
On the left is a beautiful woodland fairy costume – very simple, don’t you think?
This is another ballerina style costume. Her rainbow themed skirt reminds me of the morning dew – wonderful!

Take a look at her hair though – the twisted rose arrangement really “makes” this costume for me.

Flowers can be connected to hair barrettes or made into a halo hairpiece for the girl to wear on her head. They also can be pinned onto the dress or made into a necklace.

Vines of leaves can be easily made into hairpieces or they can be used as necklaces or sewn onto the wings as trim.

Nature’s creatures can be carried along by the girl or perhaps pinned onto the costume.

Fix a small animal on the top of a wand decorated with ribbons
Choose from a butterfly, bee, bird, a frog, a raccoon, or other choices of woodland animals too add to your costume’s adorability!
What I like about woodland fairy costumes is that they are adaptable. The wings can be used year after year to create other fairy costumes, angel costumes or pixie costumes.

Because the dresses are somewhat elegant, they can also be worn over and over for dress up occasions. Ballerina apparel can be used to create many costumes and so can dresses.

Keep this in mind when choosing the dress and wings. Perhaps it can be a hand-me-down to a younger girl who wishes to be a ballerina or a princess!